For the installation of Quisqueya I & II thermal power plants, Wärtsilä company hired us for the customs management and transportation of 1,000 containers, of 38,000 m3 for both stages, 24 engines of 300ton each. It is a USD$6 billion/350,000FT project.

We collaborate offering our services of customs management and transport of merchandise.Additionally, we provide advice on the process of exemption, evaluation and adaptation of routes.

We manage the place permits for the transport and the supervision of unloading of charter boats under the strictest quality and safety guidelines.

Located in San Pedro de Macorís, the Quisqueya energy complex is the largest in the Dominican Republic with a total generation capacity of 430 megawatts; 215 MW produced by Quisqueya I plant, and 215 MW by Quisqueya II. Additionally, each of these thermoelectric plants is equipped with a steam turbine, increasing its production capacity to an additional 15 MW, thus boosting its efficiency by taking advantage of the exhaust gases of its engines.

The plants shall operate with 12 engines each, equipped from the factory with a flexible system designed to operate with natural gas, and, alternatively, with diesel or Bunker C (fuel oil). This technology, unprecedented in the country, is one of the most modern and efficient, allowing access to the lowest prices in the market at the time of stocking up, reducing production costs to supply the same amount of energy.

The Quisqueya energy park is located on a plot of 500,000 square meters and represents a total investment of US$65 million, which includes the two plants, transmission lines and an oil pipeline.